The Story of Silver Magic

Unique forged jewellery with a sprinkling of magic

Silvermagic Jewellery is a collection by myself, Kathryn Fruish, I am a jewellery designer and silversmith of 17 years and based in Glossop, a town which is know as the gateway to the Dark Peak in Derbyshire.

My work is inspired by nature, beautiful evoking imagery like moon gazing hares and symbols. I love folklore and have studied old traditions such as Druidry and Wicca and found myself totally inspired by them, people used symbols and words that they believed really mean something, and when they would worked any kind if magic they truly believed with all their heart it was going to work.


As a designer I love to bring a little bit of magic into my work, the kind of magic that helps you believe in yourself and aspire to live the life of your dreams. I think about my designs a lot, and with lockets I match the image with the word stamped inside and the semi-precious stone (if any). I love the magic and silliness of Alice in wonderland and have created quite a large selection of jewellery around it particularly the Eat me, Drink me items in the book.

materials & processing.jpg

Materials & Processes

I use all traditional silversmithing techniques, hammers, blowtorches, all words and symbols are created with stamps. My work has a rustic style that screams ‘Handmade’, so there may be wonky bits, solder marks etc.   I keep things as environmentally friendly as possible, I use an organic substitute in place of sulphuric acid, for etching I use ferric nitrate not nitric acid all images are hand drawn by me. All materials are ethically sourced, and I recycle all my scrap. I use Cookson’s precious metals for all my tools/metals an extremely well-respected bullion dealer, the 9ct gold I use is 100% recycled and silver is high percentage recycled.
Much of my work is oxidised, this has then been waxed several times to seal the patina.


I am registered with the Birmingham assay office so where appropriate the pieces are marked with my unique makers mark (KF) and 925 for silver, 325 for 9ct gold.



I am very happy to undertake commissions as long as it is in my style (not another jewellers, I can’t recreate from other people’s photos). Please contact me for details and quotes.

Galleries & Stockists

A large selection of my work can be found at the Wishing Tree Gallery on Glossop High Street (find it on facebook). This lovely little shop has a beautiful and varied selection of work from over 40 local artists and craftspeople. As well as pieces you might expect to be in a gallery its also has items you would expect to be found in a vibrant craft market.

If you are interested in stocking my work as Sale or Return or at trade, please contact me.