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The Story of Silvermagic

Silvermagic Jewellery is a collection of hand forged jewellery by designer and silversmith Kathryn Fruish, based in Glossop, a town known as "The Gateway to the Dark Peak" in Derbyshire. Her work is inspired by nature & beautiful evoking imagery, like moon gazing hares and symbols, folklore and old traditions such as Druidry and Wicca. 

Kathryn brings a little bit of magic into her work, the kind of magic that helps you believe in yourself and aspire to live the life of your dreams. Her thoughtful designs include lockets stamped with secret messages, positive affirmations & semi-precious stones. She loves the magic and silliness of Alice in Wonderland and has created a large selection of jewellery around the "Eat me, Drink me" theme.


Unique handmade jewellery by jewellery designer/silversmith Kathryn Fruish that has been inspired by nature, folklore, ancient symbols, magic and inspiring literature like Alice in Wonderland.


The Enchanted Village

Take a stroll around the silver, gold and jewel encrusted cottages in the enchanted village. (you can even take one home with you)

The Midnight Hare
(and other animals)

Designs inspired by classic imagery of a hare gazing at the moon and other British Wildlife.


Down The Rabbit Hole

Designs inspired by the wonderful Alice in Wonderland, you can choose to be the red or the white queen, or even the mad hatter.

Runes & Ancient Symbols

A collection inspired by symbols that have been working their magic for millennia.


Inspired By Nature

Inspired the the natural world around us, includes fine silver casts of leaves and shells.

Contemporary Silver & Copper

This collection is stamped and uses positive affirmations, words and images.

Our Jewellery

Forged using traditional silversmithing techniques, hammers, blowtorches, with words and symbols
created with stamps. Our jewellery is made in a rustic ‘Handmade’ style, with ethically sourced materials including Cookson’s precious metals and 9ct gold. No scrap of metal is wasted and most of the silver and gold used is recycled.


Round Lockets

Sterling silver with etched designs, keeper bars and semi precious stones.

House Lockets

Sterling silver with gold and semi precious stones, both front and bottom opening.



Sterling and fine silver both studs and hanging, with matching accessories available.

Bangles & Bracelets

Sterling silver including hinged and stamped designs. With matching accessories available.



Sterling silver and made to order with bespoke symbols.

Cluster Necklaces

Sterling and fine silver, many designs including clusters and etched designs.



Sterling and fine silver with etched designs.

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