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In stock and ready to.send.

This is inspired by a Tibetan Wind Horse prayer, I couldnt fit it all on! one half of theIn bangle is stamped with runes (that translate to words) and some words are represented as symbols, it reads ' A Prayer to earth, air, fire, water, sea, sun, moon, spirit'. The second half of the bangle reads (in runes) 'May peace increase on earth, may it begin with me'. There is the rune inguz as well which means true love, fertility and h


This is a pretty heavy bangle made from sheet sterling silver and tubing for the hinge, thick square wire and 9ct sheet gold. there is also some dots of gold that have been made from offcuts.


Its about 2 cm wide and as its hinged pretty much fits anyone, I can check I'd you do have particularly small wrists.


This will be sent free special delivery in the UK.

'A Prayer for the Earth' stamped, hinged bangle

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