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The sky is the limit with this workshop, you can do a botanical design, a 3 d design, have a go at making a 3d object like a shell. You can incorporate a stone in your design also if you like. I have a huge selection of moulds, textures, alphabet stamps, and lots of design stamps. The workshop includes:

10 g of art clay silver (cost £23)

use of silver paste (syringe/pot)

1/3 firable stones (optional)

moulding compound (optional, only needed for 3d objects) I have many already made.

sterling silver jump rings


chains and ear wires are available at extra cost.

You will learn to design and make your piece, add 3d pieces or stones with clay.

Dry your peice, sand and prepare peice for firing. Fire using a gas stove. Oxidise (optional), polish by hand.

Silver Clay is an alchemical process that starts with a piece of fine textured clay. This is then dried and fired, and the piece becomes 99% or fine silver.

Silver Clay is incredibly versatile, and you can quite reasonably buy starter sets to use at home.

The workshop is approx 4 hours long, so please bring some lunch.

I don't send anything by post, but if you would like a physical invite if it's for a gift. Please add a note to the order. Alternatively you can contact me directly. I will send information by email a few days before.

Silver Clay Workshop at 11.30 Sunday 19th May at the Craft Barn

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