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In stock and ready to send.

I have changed the chain, this is now set on a heavy belcher sterling silver chain that can be worn any length up to 22 inches. So it's incredible versatile The chain can't be changed.

The pentacle is a ancient magical symbol that is representation of everything, the points represent earth, air, fire, water and spirit (strictly speaking this is actually a pentagramm however this term isnt widely used).


This pendant has been cast from real twigs I found in a local forest, in fine silver clay. Each twig has been cast then soldered together in the shape of a pentacle. The pendant has then been finished with wrapped silver wire (the wire is no way holding it together!) and barrel polished to shiny and to ensure joins are solid.


The pentacle is about 35 mm wide and tall (plus the soldered jump ring) it is slightly convex/concave and about 12mm wide.


This will be sent boxed in our recycled packaging and sent special delivery (UK only)

Fine Silver Pentacle

  • Please note this item is securly soldered but please be careful not to drop or wear doing activities. This is because although very secure the solders between the curved suffaces of twigs is not as resolutely strong as a solder between flat surfaces. 

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