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This item is made to order, please allow up to 4 weeks. I will send as soon as possible . Please note, I have changed the chain. This is now a heavy belcher chain which is adjustable. It's incredibly versatile as you can wear at 16 inches or up to 22 inches.

The seven pointed Faery star sometimes called a septagramm and also called an Elven star is associated with faeries and the elementals. An ancient magical symbol it has many interpretations, and among them it represents the 5 elements, earth, air, fire and water and above and below. Looks stunning on and is a very special peice (exreamly difficult to make!).


This pendant has been made from real twigs that I found in a local wood cast in fine silver clay. When fired these have been soldered together securely then finished with silver wire wrapping (this wire is in no way holding the star together).


It is approx 40 mm in diameter (plus the jump ring) and 13 mm deep as is slightly concave and convex.


This item will be sent in our recycled gift box by special delivery (UK only).

Elven Star

  • This item has been securely soldered together however please be careful not to drop and dont wear if you doing any physical activities. This is because although its soldered securly a join between rounded surfaces isnt quite as tough as one between flat surfaces. 

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