The seven pointed star or Elven star is associated with Faerie Magic,  7 is considered a sacred number. This symbol is also associated with early alchemists as it represented the 7 planets, it's also associated with game of thrones!

This locket is hand forged from sterling silver. The image has been etched from a hand drawn design. Inside there is a keeper bar and it is stamped with the word 'Magic'. 

The size is approximately 26 mm and it is set on a 20 inch sterling silver ball chain (please contact me if you would prefer 18 inch)

This will be sent special delivery in our recycled gift packaging. 

Seven Pointed Faerie Star Locket

  • You can use your locket for anything, special photos or a lady I know uses hers to keep lists of people she cares about. The inspiration behind them is a tale from long ago called the Tale of Taliesin.  In this tale Cerriwden identifies her problem then seeks the answer in  Dinas Afferon, the mountain town of druids and alchemists, surrounded by crystal pillars and guarded by eagles. When she has the ingredients for her potion she makes it in a silver forged cauldron where it incubates for a year and a day until its ready. This is how a wish locket works as a ‘silver cauldron’ for your solution to a problem in your life or a wish. A wishing kit of a poultice of magic herbs and a piece of parchment for your wish and Instructions are included with all lockets.