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This item is available to made to order. Dues to ordering materials, making and hallmarking this could take up to 5 weeks but is more likely to be 3-4weeks. If you have any special requests/personalising please send me a message or request with you order.

This is part of the enchanted Village collection. Its the Dwarves workshop. The 9ct gold faceted jewel at the top tells you something about what they do and there's an anvil outside and a peridot stained glass window. A poppy is also growing there.Its approx 3cm high,2 cm wide and 1 cm deep. Its made from 0.7mm textured sterling silver. It can be worn at 2 lengths, 18 inches with the handmade toggled you can open it up and wearlong at 36 inches. There is a key fob and a herkimer diamond charm. As this contains copper the key fob is hallmarked. Sent gift boxed, special delivery included.

'The Dwarves Workshop' house locket.

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