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In stock and ready to send

This cluster necklace enables you to keep a peice of parchment in your special spell book and keep it close to you always and never be without a chalice, athame and pentacle.


This necklace comprises 4 charms, a pentacle ethched from a hand drawn design, an athame stampted with the triskelion and the rune Inguz (meaning for this include fertility, true love, harmony), a chalace that is formed from textured oxidised silver but is shiny inside. There is also a spell book, the inscription reads 'Sky above me , earth below me, fire within me'. This is curved over at the top and bottom to enable you to keep a small peice of parchment safely inside (not water proof though!) not thick paper, I will send you a few peices like the one shown that will fit in perfectly. There is a square london blue topaz set on this (this may change on availibility)


All carmes are hand forged individually from sterling silver sheet, tube and wire. The charms are set on a handmade toggle and has a 2 way chain that is made from quite heavy sterling silver and can be worn double with the toggle at 18 inches or opened up and worn at 36 inches (handy if you are wearing a polo necked jumper or something).


Will be sent special delivery (free) in the UK, free delivery worldwide too.

The Witches Necklace

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